Memorial plaque of Max Brod

Location: Prague 1, Old Town
Project: 2010
Construction period: 2011
Authors: Marcela Steinbachova, Martin Rusina
Graphic design: Mojmir Pukl
Client: Franz Kafka Society, Prague

The task was to design the location and form of a memorial plaque to a native of Prague and a prominent German writer and promoter of modern Czech culture, Max Brod. The plaque is located at his birth house in Haštalská Street. It was necessary to deal not only with the limited space for installation and budget, but also with the question of the form of the current memorial plaque.

We decided to use a simple, civil enamel board with text. The graphics loosely refer to the newspaper typesetting and are intended to commemorate Max Brod's many years of journalistic work.

The memorial plaque was ceremoniously unveiled on January 27, 2011.

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