House in Mohren, Switzerland

Location: Mohren - Appenzell AR, Switzerland
Study: 2009-2010
Project: 2010-2011
Construction period: 2014
Authors: Marcela Steinbachova, Martin Rusina
Cooperation: Martin Hart, Linda Kolomaznikova
Investor: Private person

The newly built multi-generation house is located in the Swiss foothills. It is designed as a completion of the barn, which was the only one left after the burning of the original house. It is a wooden building on a concrete plinth, which meets both the demanding wishes of the investor and the conditions of the local building authority. The house responds to the original buildings in the area, to the south (behind the view) it turns with glazing, to the other sides there are mostly square windows with an atypical sticking window frame, based on local traditions. The house is built using local materials and is friendly to the environment, including the materials and technologies inside the house.

Visualisation: Linda Kolomaznikova