Play and Build - Interactive exhibition for all

Competition: 2015
2nd Balkan Architectural Biennale
Author: Marcela Steinbachová
Cooperation: Vít Holý

The wooden laths in the exhibition space ready for use, play, build or decorate.
You can build or construct the infinity number of objects and shapes in the space. You can be the deconstructive architect, build buildings or nests, play with the ornament in the floor, exhibit the laths as pieces of art, reconstruct the interior of the gallery, close the gallery with the wooden laths for the public, maybe you can go also to the public space with the wood in front of the gallery or...

You will be the only one who can do the change from innerside, with your mind, brain, soul and your own hands. There is no help from above. It is up to you. You have this possibility and freedom.
Just do it.