Prague Quadrennial

Graphic design for an international exhibitoin
Furniture design and supply

Location: Prumyslovy palac, Praha 7 - Holesovice
Project: 2006
Realization: 2007
Authors: Kristof Kintera, Marcela Steinbachova, Rastislav Juhas

The theme of this year's PQ07 exhibition was second hand. In designing the visual form of the exhibition, we used the idea of recycling: transport boxes, in which the exhibitions of individual countries travel to this exhibition, packaging materials and scaffolding. All elements were created on a turn-key basis, including atypical bars and cafes.

The scaffolding structure, which delimited the rest area from the rest of the exhibition, was wrapped in bubble wrap and in tape with the PQ07 logo. The scaffold tubes were covered with safety profiles. The columns of the Industrial Palace were also wrapped in foil and tape. The construction of the scaffolding was doubled and used the interior space for rest areas, seating and a children's corner. Filling inflatable transport paper bags in various variations (bar stool, armchair, sofa, bed, etc.) were used for seating furniture. The tables were designed as stacked cement bags with a glass top. The upper part of the scaffolding structure served as a (interior) terrace with parasols and a view of the expositions in the Industrial Palace.

A bar in the form of a bubble, wrapped in a welded food foil, was then placed on the defined pink area. The operation of the café took place in a modified trailer, incorporated into a miniature garden. There was seating on crates and tables made of barrels. The café in the second wing of the Industrial Palace was placed in a large shipping box filled with soft white packaging. The bar counter stood on pallets, the tables and chairs formed shipping crates. The Industrial Palace was walked through via "path of fame" red carpet.
A catalogue was published for the exhibition.

Photographs: SKUPINA