Franz Kafka Society Center

Location: Prague 1, Josefov
Project: 2005-06
Construction period: 2006-7
Authors: Steven Holl, Marcela Steinbachova
Team: Bronislav Stratil
Client: Franz Kafka Society
The adaptation was supported from the EU funds and from the state budget of the Czech Republic

The small house in the courtyard in Josefov, used as cellars and storage facilities, underwent a major reconstruction to the headquarters of the Franz Kafka Company (administration on the ground floor, hall and library in the basement). We dehumidified the originally dark, cramped and humid space and illuminated the windows to the ceiling and towards the Maisl Synagogue. The floors are connected by a service spiral staircase. The partitions between the spaces are formed by wooden black-and-white libraries, in which the rotating parts are also hidden. The design responds to the inaccuracies of the spaces above it and plays with apparent errors and vistas. The terrace of the house is walkable, accessible by an outdoor staircase.

Photographs: Andrea Lhotakova