Czech theatrical photography

Prague - Municipal House
Invited competition: 2017
Author: Marcela Steinbachová
Cooperation: Vít Holý
Investor: Arts Institut - Theater Institut a Czech National Museum - Theater department
Awards: Grand Prix of architects 2019 - Honorable mention for interior

A comprehensive exhibition of photographs from the Czech theatrical environment in the Municipal House presents one hundred years of the development of theatre in our territory. The design of the historical part of the installation, an enlarged camera bellows made of OSB boards, connects the theme of theatre and photography. The self-supporting lattice structure offers an exhibition space for placing sensitive photographs and objects with specific lighting requirements. A regular grid of doors on the sides connects the chronologically arranged exhibition into thematic units. The material refers to the carpentry tradition of scenery production. The lens of the built-in camera points to the raised rear room - the stage. Here is a free space with a photo studio, which is used for lectures, workshops and other accompanying programs.

link to the video from the exhibition

photo: Andrea Thiel Lhotáková